About us. 

These businesses is using our services for to purchase with BTC, join us now.

Our goal is to put crypto and traditional finance at same level. Loans, mortgages, investments in crypto with same or better security than in traditional currency. 

Crypto currency vs Traditional currency.

Crypto do not have borders and is independent from local political governments offer better ways to invest.

Crypto price dump can be traded back by trade against other crypto currencies.

December 2019 Bitcoin value was 3000 EUR. A loan of 20 Bitcoin would be a value of 60 000 EUR. That 20 Bitcoin value would be today: 18/01/2021, 600 000 EUR. A pure profit of 540 000 EUR + interest. 

Lending can be done in many ways:

Value in local currency

Value in crypto

Value in tokens

We are very flexible and we look for out of the box solutions. 

Investors are welcome..