Now for a start up price of only 1000 EUR / USD / GBP. Price is for a year. We promore our solution and your name will come up as part of the solution. Example: for real estate business this could be a huge boost for your business. There is expected millions of crypto millionaires out there that may just search for what you have to offer. You are the one that offer these people to be your client but use alternative currency instead of traditional currency to pay for your service.

It is simple. You get your banner or visibility in our website. Clients see your banner and they search for a service like yours. They look at what you have and select on your website. In the comment they send you a messages that they want to pay with BTC or Bitcoin. You answer the client that very good and that they selected is availeable. You tell the client that you will send a copy of the messages to us (JMC). We send documents for your client to fill in and send them to financial institutions and the exchanges center. The exchange center will send out few more documents direct to the client and then the transaction of clients amount started and done. Client contact direct with you as our partner to final the deal.

All is very simple and streight forward.